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About Ecosystem

A growing family of observers, learners, developers, enablers and investors.

We bring together startups in a well-knit community, which works as a family for driving the growth of the respective sectors they belong to, supported by our enablers and investors. Through this network, we aim at creating an engine for holistic Private Sector Development.

Join and grow with the largest integrated initiative for startups by Induckt global


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Build with us

We help startups to build their potential and capabilities and provide them funding as well


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Invest with us

our ecosystem not only bring startups but also help them to grow which also increases value of your investment
Highlights of services

A Consortium of Secretarial Services, Management Consulting, Growth, and Technology for creating a solution engine for key private sector development challenges.

We bring technology and infrastructure together, stitched by the power of community, capital, and knowledge for creating an engine that solves key private sector development challenges through innovation, entrepreneurship, and R&D. With our 20+ years of experience in these sectors, we bring our key insights and experiences for our partners and communities to learn from, develop and implement accordingly.

Our services

Your Product is a new gift to your sector and the national economy, and we help you to bring it out, from planning to selling.

Idea Validation

We will bring mentor groups here which will work with us for idea validations

The next big thing

We bring our mentors, advisors, and other key enablers who work with you to help you with validating the next billion-dollar idea.


Labs, Maker Spaces and Venture Garages

Design your Dreams

With our growing network of partner labs, major research institution partnerships and R&D centers, as well as key technological hostings as “Centres of Excellence”, we provide an all-around prototyping support to your dreams and ideas.

Product Roadmap

Build your product with us

The Roadmap of Fulfilment

Work with our Partner network and our in-house experts to come up with the product roadmap from prototyping to getting the first 100 paying customers.

Minimum Viable Product

We provide real time testing infrastructure and marketplace surveys

Yet to be ready for market

When you have a product roadmap in place, it’s time to build something to test problem-, solution-, and customer-fit assumptions.


IP, Funding and full marketplace access

The journey to your market

Our in – house legal and industry experts help you with a smooth journey towards getting your Patents and Trademarks, with holistic customer – fit assessments.


Your capital needs at every stage

The fuel for your dreams

Our investor partners [Individuals, AIFs, and Institutions] provide different opportunities and avenues for supporting your prototyping and growth journeys.

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